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Jenn grew up in Canada (in a well-known haunted house, no less!) but has strong family ties in the islands. She visited the British Virgin Islands for the twenty years, and took the leap three years ago to move and become a local. This has worked out well, as she brings her considerable experience and skill in the hospitality and food industry on board. She has had a fabulous year on Sea Boss and the guests continue to rave about her gourmet cuisine and out-standing people skills.

Jenn comes from a family of chefs, and has worked in the hospitality industry for many years. Her experience comes from formal training and hands-on learning. In addition to her delicious culinary creations, she also boasts some mean mixologist skills, and there is an ongoing contest on board as to who mixes the best drinks – thus far, Jenn’s Mai Thai leads the polls, with Darrel’s margarita a close second. Either way, the guests win.

Jenn is a versatile chef who works closely with guests to come up with a charter menu tailored to their personal preferences. She enjoys using locally-grown foodstuffs, and tries to incorporate a farm-to-table approach in her cooking. She has amazing contacts and local suppliers down here that assist in this, and she strives to incorporate healthy and wholesome nutrition in her delicious meals. Her favourite culinary creations are classics with a twist. Her menu planning skills are second to none and she will make sure everyone is satisfied at mealtime.

A keen surfer and beach bum, Jenn’s love of the water and the island life are a perfect fit for the charter lifestyle. Combine that, with her warm and caring nature, and it makes her everyone’s favourite crew member. She is a warm, genuine, friendly soul, and we are very happy to have her on board as part of our team.


Darrel grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he spent his time prowling the suburban jungles and raising his pet lion, Chaos. He also managed to actually finish school and holds degrees in actuarial science, accounting, and company law. Darrel was also a lieutenant in the South African National Defense Force.

In 2003 he decided to sell his house, quit the rat race, and go to sea. He moved to Cape Town, to upgrade his sailing qualifications and after several months of sailing some of the roughest waters on the planet, he finished his qualifications, and holds a commercially-endorsed Royal Yachting Association Yachtmaster Ocean Skipper’s ticket. He has lived and sailed in the Caribbean for the past thirteen years, sailing on a variety of vessels in the charter industry (from beautiful and graceful Oyster sailboats, to a 118ft motor yacht). His absolute favourite, is Sea Boss, "Because she’s awesome". He has extensive sailing experience throughout the Caribbean and knows where to find the best bars and hangouts on all the islands; essential knowledge for a charter-boat captain. His sailing adventures have taken him from the Eastern US coastline, through the Caribbean chain, and down to Venezuela and Columbia. In his travels he has swum with dolphins, had a humpback whale breach right next to (nearly landing on) his boat, and he has even sailed through a hurricane. He is keen to experience two of these three things again. He is an experienced and seasoned sailor, with over 35,000 nautical miles in his log book on many different yachts and boats. Darrel is a keen water sports fan and loves to water-ski, wakeboard, kite board, and dive. He loves any excuse to get out on the water and would be more than happy to get involved with any of the water-sport activities offered on the boat. Or any games, really – he is a child at heart and loves to play.

"Field research" around the BVI

On their time off, Jenn and Darrel love to explore the BVI. One of their favourite spots is Peter Island. White sand beaches, hikes, snorkelling with sea turtles, spa-ing (Darrel just had his first spa experience!), shooting pool (Jenn wins sometimes), or hanging at the beach bar.

After all, it's important to keep on top of all the best places to take our guests.

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